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The Klump Pump, Inc.
From the Inventor, Jim Klump

The Klump Pump concept came from my years as a wildland firefighter.  It became clear to me during my eleven years as a smokejumper that a tool was needed in that initial attack/extended attack period in remote locations to be able to quickly deploy a water delivery system which was reliable and easy to operate.  I felt that such a system would improve both safety and efficiency.  This need was re-enforced when as a Type 1 Operation Section Chief, we would plan for a series of tanks, pumps, hose, fittings, etc and almost never get it all there when you needed it.  The Klump Pump solves this.  It all arrives in one package ready to go to work, hence our motto: "A Tactical Advantage - A Logical Solution." 

-Jim Klump - Inventor


Under New Ownership
2019 brings a few changes to the Klump Pump company. Purchased by Jerry Vice of High Sierra Fire, the headquarters has been moved to Janesville, CA in northeastern California with a few of the units remaining in central California for quicker deployment to southern areas. We have also dropped the Uni-Engine name that was previously used and simplified it to The Klump Pump as a more recognizable name honoring , Jim Klump, the inventor of these unique units. 
Under new ownership, we promise to always have the same determined mindset in making safety and quality our primary focus while still working hand in hand with Jim to provide agencies with a reliable tool to aid in battling the ever-growing threat of wildfires for years to come.
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